High Plains Farming

Leebrick Farms is a fifth generation family farm located on the high plains of northwest Kansas between Atwood and Colby. Our semi-arid environment requires a unique mixture of farming practices to achieve success. Our focus is on dryland and irrigated crop production. Our primary crops are wheat, corn and sorghum.

We are dedicated to utilizing cropping practices that serve to simultaneously conserve our soil resources and enhance our productive capability. This has lead us to an intensive crop rotation that does not utilize any tillage techniques on our dryland ground. We believe that having soil where nothing is growing is not healthy for the soil so we avoid fallow periods as much as is possible.

We strive to build all of our business relationships on a foundation of integrity. This means we do what we say we'll do when we say we're going to do it. It means treating others with the respect that we would like to be treated with. It means facing conflicts and doing everything possible to resolve them rather than ignoring them.

Last but definitely not least, the true purpose of Leebrick Farms is to serve God. He has given us far more than we can ever give back to Him, but we don't use that as a reason to quit trying.